So much has happened in the last week! Hence why I haven’t updated in a little while. The Manly got into graduate school, so he’ll be pursuing his Master’s in Public Health (Health Behavior) in the fall. He’s finishing up his second Bachelor’s this summer, so he’s going to have more degrees than me in the end! I’m super excited for him and very proud; I know he’s going to rock that degree!

As for me…. I GOT A NEW JOB! A really, really amazing job that’s going to be huge for my professional development as much as it is for me personally. It’s at a local nonprofit here in Birmingham that provides early intervention programs for babies and young children with developmental disabilities. I’ll be getting a pay increase but more appealingly, I’ll be working 8am-3pm which gives me some time to volunteer during the week in addition to on the weekends. The hours will also give me more time to pursue my own (albeit extracurricular) education. I’m taking advantage of some of the free classes on digital marketing and effective leadership on Coursera.com. Do you take any courses on that site? What I learn will directly impact my job at the nonprofit and will aid me in my future endeavors. The organization is entirely woman-founded and women-run, which makes me very happy because I care about women having strong leadership in the workplace, and the executive director is basically who I want to be when I grow up. She’s very hands-on, sharp as a whip, gorgeous, and most of all confident. I can’t tell you how many bosses I’ve had who have been intimidated by me! That’s really been a big problem and has screwed up my relationships with my bosses in the past. She’s so wonderful so far, I can’t wait to start learning from her!

I finished three shirts this week but I’ve been failing at taking outfit photos. I promise to do better!

For this shirt I usedย the cap sleeves from the peplum top pattern:

DSC_0008 DSC_0010

Mia Munchkin has a habit of getting in my pictures… or getting in my business whenever I try to do anything, haha! Said with love.


These tops are supposed to have a little button closure at the neck but so far I’ve avoided it… I might just do a little hook and eye rather than an actual button.


We’re distracted by Asha Dawg, Mia’s older sister.


This shirt is actually made inside-out in that I liked the “wrong” side of the fabric better than the right side. (pic at the end of this post!) These sleeves are part of the actual pattern for this shirt. I didn’t gather the sleeves to make them fit, I just did a little pleat at the top of the shoulder.


No makeup, run awayyyyy!


So cute but so distracting!!

DSC_0018 DSC_0020

Enough of these boxy shirts (didn’t I swear I would never wear boxy shirts… whoops!), let’s see some peplum! This fabric is fairly heavy, doesn’t fray, and has a little stretch, so it was both awesome to work with and really challenging to work with. The neck is too big, a problem I’m having with a lot of my tops…

DSC_0023 DSC_0024 DSC_0025

You can see how it’s not tight enough around my waist (oh joy, MORE fitting) and you can see more how big the neck is.

DSC_0026 DSC_0028

It’s sooooooo bigggggg!


What do you think? Am I doing okay? I’m going to knock out some simple sleeveless tops tonight after I go to Birmingham Art Crawl, a fantastic monthly event that our community has been in need of for years. We have such a wonderful art scene, we should’ve been celebrating it years ago! My favorite thing: the artists keep 100% of the profits! ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s so incredibly rare that that happens.

Here’s what I wore today with my new top:



IMG_2722This photo is a little washed out, but you get the gist. The “right” side of the fabric is much darker than the wrong side with a bold coral and dark black. I preferred the softer side. Do you think it works, or do you think I should have gone bolder? I thought the lighter side worked better with my pale skin.


There’s Asha! She’s never amused by me.


Ya’ll be careful using irons! I had mine on its hottest setting and *barely* bumped it. Now I’m going to have yet another lovely scar on my poor right arm. Like my manicure? It was my birthday present for myself. It’s shellac which I will swear by for the rest of my life — despite all the work I do with the horses on the weekends, cleaning and moving furniture in the apartment, dishes and cooking, general clumsiness, etc. IT NEVER CHIPS. It’s seriously a godsend!!! I did, however, learn today that you can’t get it off with regular nail polish so I’ve got grown out nail polish until payday when I can get a new manicure. Oh, lady problems. I think it’s great to treat yourself to something small and special that makes you feel girly and pretty. We women work so hard everyday and always feel guilty when we do things for ourselves that seem superficial. I really think you should do at least one thing per month that is silly and unnecessary but is something you really enjoy. Treat yo’ self!

Okay, that’s all for now! I’m off to Art Crawl but hopefully I’ll update soon with some finished projects!

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Whirlwind!

  1. Friederike says:

    Congratulations on your new job! Sounds like a great opportunity in a great surrounding.
    I love your boxy shirts, good that you’ve made them! And the wrong side works perfectly. I often use the wrong side as right side for knit fabrics like sweaterknit because I like it more. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    The gaping neckline is a problem I know very well by myself, as well as f*cking hot irons… ๐Ÿ˜€


    • alexalhayes says:

      Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€ How do we fix the gaping neckline?? I have no idea what to do! As for knits… I’m terrified to sew with them. Do you find them difficult to work with?


      • Friederike says:

        I usually have the neckline gaping at the back and I think the neckline has to be shorter to fix that. But to be honest, that’s just a feeling, don’t know if it’s the right way. I founded the Grainline Studio patterns perfect for me, there’s no gaping so stick to them. ๐Ÿ™‚
        And knits are easy to sew! It’s important to use the right needle but that’s all. And they are much more forgiving, i’ve never seen a gaping knit neckline I think.


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