Another Peplum

I started a new peplum top last night using a yard of fabric I got from the clearance bin, which means it’s in truth barely a yard and I have no idea what kind of fabric it is. It’s coming together nice and quick as I seem to naturally understand this pattern in a way I don’t seem to with the others.

Already seeing a few problems though. 1. I made one of the pleats too large so the skirt was about a half an inch, maybe a little more, too short so it didn’t match up with the back zipper seam. However, I think this little problem will be fixed when I move the skirt up an inch and a half, which I should have done from the beginning since I had to do it on the last one so it hits at my natural waistline. This time I used a size 8 pattern and it fits much much better than the 12, so I have NOOOOOOO idea how my measurements are so messed up. But at least I figured it out. Size 8 from here on out, conveniently my store size too!

photo 1

so for the crappy photos — taken last night at midnight!

photo 2

I trimmed the fabric in a smooth curve to take care of the shortness of the skirt edge to the bodice edge, but I think that’s just going to cause more problems when I install the zipper. Whoops! Ah well.

The fabric is quite thin but sturdy, so it presses well but I should have lined it, or at the very least lined the front bodice. It’ll definitely be a summer shirt. For the record, I bought this fabric thinking it had light brown flowers drawn on it.

photo 3

Closer inspection reveals a very Orientalist design. I’m hoping no one will look that closely so they won’t think I stereotype East Asian cultures in that way.

Finishing things: I’ve got a zipper for it, but it’s navy blue. I’m hoping the contrast will work (especially since I used light blue thread) rather than just look odd. We’ll see! I also need to make bias tape to finish the neck and arm holes. I intended to make little cap sleeves, but I didn’t have enough fabric. Boo.

First things first though — seam ripping the skirt, hemming up the bodice to my natural waist line, and reattaching the skirt there.

I also noticed that this pattern kind of dips down in the back, but I think I’m okay with it. I leave the skirt open anyways and just have the zipper closing the bodice, so I think the extra drape works.

photo 4

I’ve got the fabric ready to go for making this pattern two more times (yes, I love it that much), so stay tuned! Hoping to start a dress and a skirt or two this weekend, but I need more zippers!

And if you were wondering… I was watching Independence Day while sewing this. Don’t judge — it’s my favorite movie!


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