Two Tops Finished!

Finally, pictures!

The first is my favorite. I made a size 12 originally, but had to tailor it down quite a bit to fit. It’s still a little too big around the waist, but I’m going to call it “comfy” instead of baggy so I don’t have to go back and fix it. This is Simplicity 1425 view D.

Peplum 4

Peplum 3

Peplum 2

Peplum 1

The other top I finished is clearly too big (I can’t remember if I made a 12 or a 10) and I didn’t bother trying to fit it since it’s supposed to be flowy. The only part that bothers me is the big gap under the armpit which shows my bra clear as day. Manly said to go with it, so who am I to argue, but when I make this top again, I’m going to try an 8 instead. This is Simplicity 1589.

Open Back 1 Open Back 2 Open Back 3 Open Back 4

I love both of these fabrics — their light and breathable but don’t have any stretch so they’re very stable, holding the shape of the tops well. No idea what they are, though, because both of them are from the clearance scraps bin!

They both have little mistakes throughout, but since they are my first two shirts, I’m cutting myself a needed perfectionist break. I haven’t been finishing my edges, primarily because I’m not sure when is the best time to do that (right after I cut out the pattern?), so these tops are probably going to unravel by the end of the year. Ah well! The learning curve continues to be steep.

The battery in my camera remote seems to be struggling (I’ve had it since college and never changed it, so no wonder!) so it’s pretty obvious in all my pictures. You get the gist, though, right?

Unrelated, I’m thinking about getting some kind of perm to put consistent waves in my hair. We’ll see!


3 thoughts on “Two Tops Finished!

  1. Friederike says:

    Your second sentence make me already really laughing. I hate going back and fix fitting issues too and I rarely do so (read: I never do so 😉 ) but your fitting issues aren’t visible! They both look great.

    Liked by 1 person

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