Me-Made-May ’15

I’m boldly and terrifyingly jumping into Me-Made-May, an annual challenge in the sewing community to wear one “me-made” (handmade by your own hands) item per day throughout the month of May. As you know, I only recently started sewing clothes, hence the “I’m terrified of this challenge” but I’m also incredibly excited. From what I’ve witnessed, the sewing community is very supportive and friendly, so I think this is a great way for me to connect with its members while pushing me to sew regularly with a steady production rate.

I’m sitting on a decent stock of fabric and patterns that I’ve acquired over the last month, and I’ve got a number of projects lined up using patterns I’ve already done (like the peplum shirt below — love it!!!) so those items should come together much more quickly that the first ones and with fewer mistakes.


I ordered this dress form on Amazon (free shipping! received it in under a week) and already she’s been a HUGE help with fitting problems. I’ve named her Margaret, after my grandma (now deceased). Grandma taught my mother how to sew which is the only reason I know how to sew now. We were never very close, so I feel like I should hold onto the one thing it seems we had in common — a love of sewing. Hence, Margaret.

I don’t have any events scheduled until Saturday, so I’m hoping to get a lot done tonight and tomorrow night, finish up the three tops I’ve been working on and start two or three more to work on simultaneously. Having multiple projects going helps me to keep sewing even when I get stumped or frustrated on one piece. I think I’ll start a dress this weekend!

Something I’m very excited about is actually finding an affordable “print your design” shop!

I have a strong background in studio arts so I’ve been considering dabbling in designing my own fabric. Basic cotton is $11.95 per yard and it goes up from there depending on what fabric you’d like. That’s the cheapest I’ve found so far (most are $24/yd) so my ideas are rolling around in my head for color palettes, design themes, etc.

Anyway, so that’s a brief update for now! Hopefully tomorrow I can actually share photos of my finished tops! Cause I need to finish them tonight or else. Gotta set goals for yourself!




3 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’15

  1. Friederike says:

    Yay, welcome to Me Made May. πŸ™‚ It’s my first year participaiting too and I’m really excited. πŸ˜‰
    I’m looking forward to see more self made outfits from you and all the other participants, it’s such a hugh inspiration! πŸ™‚


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