Rain, rain, GO AWAY

I DO actually have projects to share with you that I’ve been working on, but Alabama seems to be stuck in a storm cloud and it’s been raining and overcast nonstop for days now. No end in sight either. Of course, this is great sewing and crafting weather but I can’t take any pictures of anything because it’s so dark outside and we only have dim lamps in our apartment. Boo. So expect some photo updates sometime soon of all the things I’ve been working on, but for now, here’s  a little list:


  • I’m almost done with two tops, one is a peplum with short sleeves in a floral cotton that just needs a zipper and the other is a flowy sleeveless in a silky blue snake-skin patterned polyester. The latter just needs hemming and bias tape around the arm holes (I know there’s a fancy sewing term for this but my spellcheck isn’t getting me anywhere close), but I’m procrastinating because I, like everyone on the internet, hate making my own bias tape!
  • I went to Hancock and Joann yesterday and bought a bunch of fabric with tops and dresses in mind. The stores are conveniently (or inconveniently?) in the same shopping center, so it’s easy to hit them both in the same trip though I think next time I’ll just stick with Hancock. I need to invest in a solid collection of zippers but I’m waiting for a sale or a significant coupon. I’m a girl on a budget so I never buy anything full price.
  • I’m still trying to figure out my size… My measurements say that I’m a size 14/16 but I’ve made two 12s (after accidentally buying the lower size patterns thinking they were the same as modern clothing sizes) and they had to be taken in by inches in multiple places (waist, hip, length). Really the only thing that fits is the measurement across my shoulder. It’s very frustrating. So I’m making simple tops until I figure out what fits me best despite my measurements. I’ve also ordered a dress form from Amazon that should be here soon! Free shipping and on sale, cha-ching!


  • I bought this little metal cabinet on casters, kind of like a vintage medical cabinet or something you’d see in an old dentist office, painted white but all discolored and rusty. The Manly is creeped out by the color, imagining that the cabinet came out of an abandoned mental hospital or something, so I’m planning on stripping the paint and seeing what it looks like underneath. The piece was painted hastily and they skipped painting the underside of the shelves which show a pretty ugly looking metal, like a dark copper. I’m hoping that once I get the paint off and the rust under control I can evaluate whether the original color can be brought up to some kind of luster or if I need to paint it, which always leads to that brow-furrowing, stress-inducing decision of what color to paint it. Our living room is completely neutral, just browns and tans with a few grays, so it could really use an injection of color but what color is always a tough decision.
  • I need to make some pillows for the living room as well, bringing in some color and texture preferably. I’ve got my eye set on a new couch (from IKEA oddly enough!), like a legitimately new couch not just new to me. I normally only buy used like a die-hard craigslist addict but this is such a major piece of furniture and I want it to last the next 20 years, so it might be a good investment to purchase new. It’ll be a few months until we’ve saved up enough money to get it though.
  • Speaking of craigslist… I’m looking at a couple of vintage sewing tables this weekend (both are under $50! what a steal!) in an attempt to set up a functional craft area in the apartment. We’re moving this summer so I’m hoping in the new place I might be able to have a separate room rather than taking over the dining room. We never use the dining room table anyway, so I figure might as well transform the space into something useful! I’m trying to sell our small dining room table and a little bistro table but so far no bites, so the space is full of furniture that we don’t need anymore which is cumbersome. I’d like to make a pattern cutting table that’s an appropriate height so as not to give me constant back-aches whenever I sew, but I’ve got to get up to my parents’ house in order to use my dad’s woodshop, so it might not be until Mother’s Day that I get to put it together.

I’ve been going through my stuff constantly, weeding out all the things I’m not absolutely in love with. It’s a long process and I’ve got a big pile of stuff ready to go to the thrift store cluttering up the top of the stairs, but it feels good. I wish I had a day just to do stuff around the house… or maybe three days. Is there a three day weekend coming up? Between volunteering and the house and cooking/cleaning, there isn’t a whole lot of time for hobbies. Or maybe there’s time but not enough energy? I feel like every time I look up, it’s already bedtime! Sigh. I don’t know how people with kids get anything done.

Signing off for now. Going to try to finish up those tops tonight!


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